Zabira Prima Sdn. Bhd. is one of a leading palm oil supplier and distributor from Malaysia with MPOB license No : 615248017000 (crude palm oil and process palm oil). Our aim to become a global leader in palm oil industry.

The company seeks to take lead in exporting the finest and high quality of palm based cooking oil from Malaysia to worldwide market.

As a supplier of choice for Malaysia palm cooking oil, we specialize in undertaking large orders for export of palm cooking oil from Malaysia to other countries.

Our company is well-experienced & active in the exporting market. The company exports palm cooking oil with 100% refined, in retail Pet bottles, jerry cans, drums, tins and flexibag.

We offer most competitive prices for palm cooking oil using our latest computerized technology pricing system enabling our valuable buyers to make timely purchasing decision using up to date information on market trends & forecasts.


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